Mobile Robotics at GCE N(T)-Level

Shuqun student learning Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robotics is a unique programme that was piloted at Shuqun Secondary School in 2009.  It is a 2-year programme designed for NT students at the upper secondary level.  At the end of the course, the students will sit for the GCE ‘N’ Level Normal (Technical) Examination.

The programme covers the basic knowledge and skills in electrical, electronics, mechanical design and intelligent control that are relevant to technical courses at post-secondary level.  It emphasizes on the applications and integration of technical knowledge and skills to design and build mobile robots to perform specified tasks.  Students will not only be equipped with the experience of developing their own mobile robots, but also acquire a strong foundation to further their studies in mechatronics engineering, Electronics, Electrical Technology or related fields later in ITE.

Mobile Robotics programme is well received by the NT students. From year 2017, Mobile Robotics applied subject will be introduced in another six more schools in Singapore to provide opportunities for more students to engage new technologies in the fields of engineering and robotics applications.

Chinese newpaper article on Shuqun Mobile Robotics
Shuqun is one of the 7 schools offering Mobile Robotics.