Computing at GCE O-Level

In view of the National Smart Nation strategy, Shuqun Secondary School will be offering the new GCE O-level Computing in 2017. This course is a two-year programme for secondary three students in 2017, taking the O-level examinations in 2018.

SMART Nation Initiative

According to the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), some goals of the masterplan for Smart Nation are to grow the industry by SGD26 billion and create 80,000 IT related jobs. Reference to this movement, there is therefore many opportunities in this industry in the near future for tertiary students who major in the discipline of Computer Science. Allowing the students to do something that they have passion in and at the same time contribute to building a Smart Nation.

At Shuqun, preparing students for their future is of great concern to us, thus offering this course at the O levels is a step in getting students to start on their journey towards building their future career.

Part of our Applied Learning Programme for students in Secondary Two has been to expose them to basic coding through the Scratch platform and also seeing it used in practical application through building of robots and controlling their movement with the program they code. These enrichment programmes provide students the opportunity to experience programming and develop the 21st Century Competencies like critical and inventive thinking while enjoying learning at the same time.

For students who had been through the enrichment course in Secondary Two and are interested in programming, they can further pursue their interest in this new O level Computing Course that will be made available to the Secondary Three students from 2017 onwards to deepen their skills in the area of Computing with the following four modules.

Module I – Data and Information

  • Data Management
  • Data Representation
  • Ethical, Social and Economic Issues

Module II – Systems and Communications

  • Computer Architecture
  • Data Communications

Module III – Abstraction and Algorithms

  • Problem Analysis
  • Algorithm Design

Module IV – Programming

  • Program Development
  • Program Testing