Student Leadership

Student Leadership Development in Shuqun encompasses building the confidence in the students to take the initiative to make a positive difference within one’s sphere of influence, beyond self and the community.

Led by the vision “All Shuqunites Lead with Confidence and Serve with Pride”, all students will undergo basic leadership training as foundation for current and future leadership growth. At the same time, advanced training programmes and experiences will be offered to student leaders who require more and higher level of skills and stronger qualities to discharge their roles in school.

The school has a comprehensive Student Leadership Development Framework that serves as a guide to provide leadership opportunities for all students and developing its student leaders. It also adopted and infused The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner as a leadership development model for Shuqun Student Leaders. The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership aim to develop essential skills, cultivate dispositions, teach and reinforce values in students at different stages and progression.


Student Leadership Development Framework

Shuqun Secondary School Student Leadership Development Framework


In Shuqun, our student leaders consist of:

  • Student Council
  • Sports and CCA Leaders
  • Class Committee

As each group of student leaders require different skills to lead in their respective areas, the Student Leadership Development Committee (SLDC) looks into training programmes and experiences that best develop their leadership skills. Workshops and trainings are also conducted to introduce and guide student leaders to better demonstrate the Student Leadership Challenge Model in their everyday service to the student body.


Shuqun Secondary School Student Leaders Board Structure


Teachers in charge

  • Ms Shirlyn Hong (HOD Student Development)
  • Mr Wilfred Lim (Assistant Year Head)

Student Council:

  • Miss Kathy Lim
  • Mr Mark Tay
  • Mr Yu Pei-Yi

Sports & CCA Leaders:

  • Mr Wilfred Yan
  • Miss Eileen Ang

Class Committee:

  • Miss Koh Cai Hua


Student Leaders’ Investiture 2016
Shuqun Secondary School Student Leaders’ Investiture 2016
Student Leaders’ Workshop
Shuqun Secondary School Student Leaders’ Workshop
Student Leaders Camp
Shuqun Secondary School Student Leaders CampShuqun Secondary School Student Leaders Camp