Academic Curriculum

Craft & Technology

Shuqun Secondary School - Craft & Technology

The Craft and Technology Department offers coursework-based subjects such as Art, Design & Technology, Food and Consumer Education/Food & Nutrition and Music. These subjects are compulsory for lower secondary students and are offered as an elective subject at upper secondary course of study leading to a GCE ‘O’ or ‘N’ level certification.

Coursework-based subjects have 60% to 70% of the assessment components based on projects or hands-on practical assignments. Through these subjects, students acquire research and evaluation skills. They will also learn to use information to think and made reasonable decisions for the tasks given.

Craft and Technology subjects prepare student to be a critical and inventive thinker appreciating the aesthetics of quality living.


Shuqun Secondary School - English

Language gives life and colour to us because we use it to express ourselves and communicate. It is also a vital instrument for critical thinking which will develop us into effective  thinkers and communicators. It is hence imperative that we aspire to be competent communicators of the global language that is English. At Shuqun, our vision is to develop our learners into a community of confident communicators. To achieve this, the department has designed key programmes which are aimed at Instilling confidence and passion in the English language. 

Some of our key programmes include the following: (a) school-wide Reading and Media Literacy Programme and the Lexile Profiling System to track the reading competency of our learners; (b) self-directed gamified approach to acquiring of general knowledge and vocabulary; (c) annual EL Festival to inculcate interests and increase motivation in learning of English and Literature.


Shuqun Secondary School - Humanities

Our Humanities Department seeks to prepare our students to be citizens of tomorrow by helping them to better understand the inter-connectedness of Singapore with the world they live in.

We seek to develop in students the ability to make connections between the past and present, to become concerned environmentalists and global citizens who understand place-space relationships, so that they can make a difference in the world that they are living in.

We also provide training and support for our students to participate in various  Humanities competitions and workshops, such as the NUS Geography Challenge and the NE-Mation competition. Do contact the HOD Humanities, Mr Kamaludin Bahadin if you would like to augment our efforts on this exciting journey together.


Shuqun Secondary School - Mathematics

The department aims to develop in students an appreciation of the meaning and value to think logically and critically. Students will also appreciate the importance and practicality of mathematics in their daily lives. The curriculum supports the inculcation of the joy of learning and love for mathematics by providing opportunities for students to gain small successes, self-confidence and developing persistence in the process when solving problems. The department ensures the achievement of its aim with sound pedagogies, wider repertoire of resources together with caring and goal oriented teachers. 

Mother Tongue

Shuqun Secondary School - Mother Tongue

MTL Department vision is to create a nurturing environment where students enjoy the learning of MTL and appreciate their cultures. By inculcating the love of MTL and cultures, students will have sound values and be a life-long learner of the language. MTL Department has enrichment programmes and cultural activities for students engagement and learning. MTL Action Plan guide teachers in the teaching and learning of CL, ML and TL.  Department key programmes conducted include Conversational Chinese and Malay (CCM) for Sec 1, Festive Celebrations and Concerts, Reading Programmes, MTL Fortnight Programmes, MTL Intensive Programme for Sec 4E and 5NA, 3E MTL Learning Camp, E-Learning through iMTL and IBSR Platforms and Cultural Exchange programmes.

Physical Education

Shuqun Secondary School - Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) plays an important role in the physical, cognitive, social and character development of a child. Our school’s PE programme aim to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, right attitudes and values towards leading active and healthy lifestyle.

Some of the key programmes are as follow: (a) Mass participation sports event such as the cross country run and sports carnival where students apply their learnt games skills and concept in a competition; (b) Sports education programme where students learn a novelty sport (e.g. archery, golf, inline skating, sports climbing); (c) Secondary 3 level outdoor adventure camp.


Shuqun Secondary School - Science

The science department aims to nurture a love of science, develop an inquiring mind, and grow a resilient spirit to innovate and solve problems.

The science department has a set of core, stretch and support programmes to cater to a wide diversity of students. The Shuqun Accelerated Programme for science identifies a select group of students to further cultivate their talent and stretch their knowledge and process skills in science. Our dedicated teachers support students through timely assistance in small-group remediation and one-to-one consultation. Our core programmes tailors lessons and enrichment activities to stimulate students’ interest in science and equip them with scientific literacy for decision-making and effective communication.