Our History

Shuqun Secondary School has over 90 years of rich history and the reputation of being an inviting and vibrant school. First founded as Tuan Cheng Public School in 1925, the school was renamed Seh Chuan School in 1933, which had both the primary and secondary levels.

Seh Chuan School survived many historical milestones in Singapore’s history such as the Japanese Occupation and the merger with Malaya. In 1985, the school took on the bold move of renaming itself “Shuqun” and separating the primary and secondary cohorts. The newly created Shuqun Secondary School was situated at Jurong East Street 21 and continues to operate from the same campus till today. It underwent PRIME between 2008 and 2011 to upgrade its facilities.



Our humble roots...

1925 - Shuqun Secondary School began as Tuan Cheng Public School.
1933 - Chong Chin Nam and Company donated 0.4 ha of land, off Jalan Jurong Kechil at Jalan Seh Chuan near Bukit Timah Hill for the setting up of the new school. It was renamed from Tuan Cheng School to Seh Chuan School. The school started lessons on a makeshift wooden stage for Chinese wayang performances next to a temple.
1942 - 1946 - The school was closed due to the Japanese invasion and occupation of Singapore.
1958 - Seh Chuan School was renamed as Seh Chuan High School under the late principal, Mr. Ng Kian Peng, a full school with primary and secondary classes.
1968 - Mr. Boey Yim Thim was appointed as the principal of Seh Chuan High School
1973 - 1976 - Fund raising for the improvement to the School facilities through the soliciting of donations through the annual Hungry Ghost Festival bidding event.
1977 - The new addition of a six-storeyed annex to Seh Chuan High School building was completed.
1980 - Mr. Boey Yim Thim, principal of Seh Chuan High School introduced Secondary One English Stream classes.
1983 - Seh Chuan High School became a government school in order to facilitate relocation and redevelopment of its facilities.
1985 - Seh Chuan was renamed as "Shuqun" and the school became Shuqun Primary and Shuqun Secondary under the same administrative staff, operating from Jurong East Street 21, with the secondary school operating in the morning and the primary school in the afternoon.
1986 - Mr. Boey remained as the first principal of Shuqun Secondary School in 1986 when primary school moved to its new campus in Jurong West Street 51.
2008 - 2011 - Shuqun Secondary School underwent PRIME from 2008-2011, with new and modern additions like the Indoor Sports Hall and the synthetic surface field.


List of principals of Shuqun Secondary School since 1986:

S.No Name Year
1. Mr. Boey Yim Thim 1986-1987
2. Mrs. Cheong-Chan Wan Mui 1987-1988
3. Mr. Low Eng Kee 1988-1990
4. Mrs. Kang Yeok Lung 1991-1996
5. Miss. Chee Mei Chun 1997-2002
6. Mrs. Chua-Lim Yen Ching 2003-2006
7. Mr. Adolphus Tan Chin Eng 2006-2011
8. Mr. Chia Hai Siang 2012-2015
9. Mr. N Sivarajan 2016-


Heritage Wall

The school’s history is captured on the Shuqun Heritage Wall, which aims to be a beacon of inspiration for aspiring Shuqunites in the future. The overall design of the wall revolves around the Chinese idiom 十年树木,百年树人, (translated: Ten years to grow a Tree, Hundred years to develop Character).

The achievements of our Alumni are artfully placed on the vivacious and modern design of the wall, which encapsulates the school spirit and spurs present and future Shuqunites to aspire to excel in life and make a name for themselves in this world. To finish the overall look of the wall, artefacts, memorabilia and souvenirs that represent 86 years of the School’s history are showcased in placeholders, which are designed to mimic the shape of Singapore’s mainland. These items further tie together the past, present, and future of the Shuqun family.

Shuqun Heritage Wall Shuqun Heritage Wall

Shuqun Heritage Wall