Direct School Admission

Shuqun Secondary School Direct School Admission - Developing Character Through Volleyball

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What information do I need to submit together with the application form?
    You have to submit the DSA application form together with all supporting documents. Teachers’ references are strongly recommended.
  2. After I have submitted the application form, when will I know if I have been short-listed for the auditions and interviews?
    We will inform you by 08 July 2016 .
  3. I have received several DSA - Sec offers, when must I decide to accept one?
    You will have to indicate your preferences for up to 3 schools during the Exercise School Preference Stage. This will be conducted from 24 October 2016 to 28 October 2016.
  4. What unique programmes does Shuqun Secondary School offer?
    SQSS Volleyball programme, specially structured and crafted to offer students who demonstrate a higher level of proficiency and aptitude in Volleyball. This programme gives pupils extended opportunities to maximise the pupils’ potential and ensure that they attain a balanced and value-added holistic education, apart from their development in the sport.
  5. Do I have to pay for the programme?
    Generally, there will not be additional costs for the programme. The school will bear the basic cost incurred in the programme. However, pupils will be expected to bear partial payment for additional costs incurred through special workshops/courses, or overseas training or competitions as we seek to provide a comprehensive learning experience for the pupils in Volleyball. Most of these activities will be subsidised by the school and in addition, the Edusave Funds can be utilised for such purposes.
  6. What type of students are you looking for?
    We are looking for pupils of good character who are currently playing competitive Volleyball or who display a strong interest and aptitude for the sport. Your child need not be a Volleyball player but must possess athletic ability, good reflexes and hand/eye coordination skills for the sport. He/She must also possess diligence & a positive attitude in academic work. In addition, consideration will be taken on a pupil’s relevant accomplishments and representation in sports or any other activity. Recommendations of the teacher-in-charge of Volleyball at the primary school/ other references will be considered.
  7. Are certifications necessary?
    No. However, relevant certifications would be an added advantage in supporting the application.
  8. Can I change the audition / interview dates given?
    No. As there is a limited window for the school to conduct the selection, interested pupils must be present on the given date. It is only under exceptional circumstances that alternative arrangements can be made. (E.g. hospitalisation). Applicants who fail to turn up without prior notice and valid reasons will be disqualified from the selection process.